Mnet Idol School 2017 Ep 7

Mnet Idol School 2017 Ep 7. Video Mnet Idol School 2017 Ep 7 Engsub

Previous "Icon School" understudy Jessica Lee (likewise known by her Korean name Lee Seul) has opened up about her experience on the show.

In the English-dialect video, she said first and foremost, "I am to a great degree cheerful that I got dispensed with."

Jessica Lee clarified that she was fascinated by the school idea that was promoted by the show at first. She trusted "Symbol School" would enable her to decide whether being a K-pop icon was appropriate for her, subsequent to having had involvement in Korea as a student and entertainer.

"I abhorred myself for getting enticed to attempt it once more," she said. "Be that as it may, I just idea of it as my last attempt. Be that as it may, lamentably, I found the solution to that inquiry on the primary day!"

She proceeded with, "I resembled, 'Approve, this is not for me. I lament coming here. Why did I come here? What am I doing here between those astounding, beautiful, and capable individuals?'"

Jessica Lee said she felt down toward the start, and that she can't overlook the minute when she strolled into the classroom on the main day. "I had a feeling that I was in a blossom cultivate, they were all so beautiful," she said. "I simply didn't generally observe the likelihood for me, I genuinely got the chance to take a gander at myself as a K-pop icon unbiasedly in there."

She went ahead to clarify that she battled with moving, singing, looking charming, and abstaining from food amid "Symbol School."

"I'm truly appreciative to 'Symbol School' for giving me a chance to join that program since I truly found the solution to my inquiry," she said. She included with a snicker, "I'm finished with K-pop at this point. I'm not going to do it once more."

Jessica Lee additionally discussed drawing near to the next "Symbol School" understudies and said she's happy she got the chance to meet the show's educators.

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